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CAMEL                     *MADE IN AMERICA*
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CANYON                     *MADE IN AMERICA*
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Welcome to, where you can find a wide selection of discount upholstery fabrics. From vinyl to ultrasuede, elegant floral to simple pink, our discount fabrics are the upholstery materials you've been looking for. Our website is here to help you make your selection of our discount fabrics. Use my palette to compare and contrast your choices. Furthermore, if you cannot find the upholstery material you are looking for, we can special order for you. Make your one stop shop for your upholstering needs.

A Tradesman
Q: Why would someone choose upholstery instead of new furniture if the cost is comparable?

A: A lot of times, people like the way a piece looks in their house and they want custom fabric. And it's a custom job from beginning to end — there's not one guy doing the arm, one guy doing the back. The same person who starts the project completes it.

It's all about the product. Why would you want to get rid of something that is well-built? I've had people cry because they are so happy with a job. One lady told me we're like plastic surgeons for furniture, the way we transform it.


An Artist
The patchwork sofa in the sitting room also has rusty frame and a complex pattern of beautiful fabrics from sample books by Osborne and Little and Zoffany.

“I did some work for a client who was getting rid of lots of sample books and I asked Geraldine if she thought we could upholster a sofa with them. It was do-able but incredibly complicated and time consuming,” says Wilf, who also likes to rescue and revamp.


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